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Keeping warm and staying healthy this rainy season is important and needs great effort. We can’t just sing the popular song ‘rain, rain go away’ to abruptly bring the heavy downpours to a halt. As much as the rainy season ushers great weather, it also opened doors for cold, flu and other diseases

Here are some tips to help you stay dry, safe and healthy this season;

• You will need to ditch your short sleeves this period. Especially those that are prone to catching a cold. Who says you can’t look peng while trying to keep warm. Wear clothes that make you feel as snug as a bug, but not tight clothes. Avoid too-tight shoes, they constrict blood flow, causing feet to become even colder

• Endeavor to drink at least 2 to 4 cups of water each day, to keep your hydration levels up. Advisably warm water, as warm water gets your blood circulation going, which leads to a strong immune system that can protect you against getting infections.

• Always carry an umbrella, in your bag or in your car. It is one of the easiest ways to be ready when stepping out – the weather is very unpredictable

• Wash your hands properly to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses

• Have backup jackets or sweaters. You can also stash away a pair of extra clothes at the office.

• Driving when it’s raining can be dangerous. If you would be driving, kindly exercise extreme caution in wet conditions. Reduce speeds at all costs to avoid unnecessary accidents. Instead of driving in heavy rain, you can try to park somewhere safe to wait it out. 

• Ensure your windows are closed when you are heading out, to prevent heavy rainfall from entering your home.

• Exercise can make you feel warmer too. A quick exercise to get your blood pumping.

In a nutshell, be sure to stay warm and dry this season. It’ll make you feel comfortable overall!

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