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What is your definition of comfort?

Many of us find comfort in our homes. Often, if not all the time, home is our go-to relaxation spot to de-stress after a long day. But do you know that this “home” can be one of the causes of our discomfort too? Yes, this can happen to a lot of us when our house is unorganized.

Creating a Safe Place

With your house clean and organized, you can begin to find what relaxes you by creating a space – could be the living room you designed or your bedroom that would bring you that comfort. Merely taking a couple of minutes to yourself in this setting, can reduce some of the stress gotten from the days’ tedious activities!

Getting Enough Sleep

In all honesty, no one actually gets enough sleep 100% of the time. I mean, we’re all busy! Even though we don’t necessarily need to get eight perfect hours of sleep every night, we do need to find what works for us. Now tell me, how much sleep do you need to not hit snooze on your alarm clock ten times in the morning? How many hours do you need to find a healthy balance? It’s going to be different for each of us.

For those of us who struggle to wake up in the morning, tonight, let’s try to go to bed an hour earlier than normal time, see how you feel tomorrow. Please share your experiences with us via any of our social media channels

Colours are also a way of expressing your Comfort

Painting your bedroom with cool colours can promote feelings of safety, relaxation, and revitalization. Your living room is a busy place in your house – if not the busiest because it is the common gathering place. Painting it with soft and warm colours creates a soothing and inviting feel. Bringing brown into your living room can be as easy as a brown leather sofa like in the photo on the left. This room uses a very light brown on the walls and adds darker brown accents to create a farmhouse look. The room on the right is monotone which lets you make seasonal changes by using statement pieces. Throw pillows and unique abstract art put the room together without looking boring. If you have an open floor plan, using a large rug can help define the living room so you can transition to another color scheme in the other spaces.

Stress triggers

Another thing to do is to identify your stress triggers and remove them immediately! The more stress triggers you remove, the better you’ll feel.

You know, after a hectic day, nothing beats the feeling of laying on your bed and getting a good night’s rest. Out of every room in the house, your bedroom needs to feel the most calming. You will need to create a space where you can have downtime that eliminates the stress from your day and leaves you feeling brand new in the morning.

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