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In every possible place you can think of or inquire, people have slept there.

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As a result of adventures, adversities and advancements in technology, sleeping has occurred in either accidental, downcast, attractive or even weird locations

Amidst leisure for pleasure, people could visit natural sites like waterfalls, caves, hill-mountain ranges and reserves for adventures. These fun-seekers have experienced exhaustion with the resulting trigger of the brain switch for an unexpected sleep. They had taken refuge under any available tree shed, sleeping at banks of the stream, on bare ground, logs of wood, rocky platforms, bed of grasses, and even on the tree branches.

It is a common observation of adversities, especially in the cities, to find disadvantaged people going through challenging situations, sleeping in uncomfortable places. It appears that part of the practice of motor park workers is to sleep in the motor vehicles and on any bed-like surface at the parks.

And if the park is located under a bridge, the park workers would share the space with homeless wanderers. I have seen worn-out labourers sleep on a wheelbarrow and on a stack of rice or cement bags. A pitiable sight which intensely calls for humanitarian intervention, is that of mentally ill persons sleeping by roadsides, on refuse dumps or in the drains.

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At home, people have slept virtually in or on all parts of the home. Most frequently, sleeping occurs in the rooms on the beds which are enjoyed depending on how it is made among other factors for quality sleep. This is reflected literary in the proverb, “As you make your bed, so you lie on it.” Sleeping on the floor has occurred due to some pleasant and unpleasant situations.

While sharing entertaining conversations or meals, especially at night time, people have happily slipped from drowsy participation to deep slumber on the floor. In circumstances of limited spaces for sleep surfaces, discovering and colonising a portion of the floor for sleeping is considered a fulfilling achievement. This can be better narrated by those who have been occupants of camps for internally displaced persons, refugees, sports teams, security agency trainees, and also those who have participated in local social sleep-over events with the cluster of guests out-numbering the available sleeping surfaces.

Interestingly, civilization with the innovation of technology has also yielded sleeping at planned pleasurable and bizarre locations. Sometimes, sleeping in unintended locations resulting from technological advancement happens too, like sleeping at bus stops, train stations and on moving motorcycles. It can indeed be pleasurable to sleep in high-class hotels where lodging offers a quality home experience.

The ambience is usually a blend of welcoming well-decorated building spaces which admit the lodgers into the rooms dressed with sparkling clean white duvet-padded beddings covering comfortable mattresses and pillows in the atmosphere of relaxing aroma and graded lighting for different moods. Further away from home, during vacation, people slept in a bizarre location by sleeping under the water, spending a night on a private floating island featuring glass-walled magnificent suites beneath the ocean.

There are other weird experiences tourists have shared. Imagine sleeping on treehouses, perching at the treetops five meters off the ground which offer uninterrupted views of the surrounding forest. What about sleeping in the depths of the ground, braving a night in a deep lodge, over 100 metres underground? It was reported cold, dark and bizarrely beautiful, with a network of winding passages and cavities to explore.

Lastly, there’s also a strange experience of sleeping on ice blocks, bedding down in ice suites built entirely with ice bars.

Despite the possibility of sleeping anywhere and everywhere, it has been discovered that resting on a surface that promotes supporting postures will provide you the best quality sleep, which is regenerative and revitalizing for resetting us for additional activities

This is reliably found on quality sleeping mattresses and pillows manufactured from extensive research focused on comfort and wellbeing. Be conscious and deliberate in seeking for and investing in quality sleeping mattresses, pillows and bedframes.

Bear in mind that where, when, and how you sleep has an impact on your physical and mental health as well as your ability to live a healthy life. We all need quality sleep to be set for more productivity in our endeavours.

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