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There is a familiar but hurtful story that we hear now and then. It is the story of deadly kidney failure in both strangers and people we know. One is said to have developed kidney failure when the kidney function falls below a certain point such that the body retains water and toxins meant to be removed, with the person showing severe life-threatening symptoms. 

The kidneys’ main function is to control water balance in the body by filtering blood and creating urine as a waste product to be emptied from the body. They also play a role in regulating other components in the blood like body salts, waste materials from food, medications, and toxins. Additionally, they create body chemicals that help produce red blood cells, promote bone health, and regulate blood pressure.

When kidney failure occurs and these functions are greatly diminished, a replacement for the functional loss is required as a pressing deciding matter between life and death. The replacement treatment can come as a definite intervention in the form of kidney replacement by transplant surgery. In this famous surgery, a healthy kidney is surgically harvested from a donor, followed by the surgical removal of the damaged kidney from the affected person, and then finally implanting the harvested healthy kidney in the sick person to replace the one no longer functioning properly.

Usually, while the surgery is being considered, dialysis is instituted to substitute for normal kidney functions especially the removal of waste products, excess body salts and water. During dialysis, the person’s blood is made to flow through a machine containing mechanisms and materials which can extract from the blood the waste products, excess body salts and water. And those essential kidney functions are amazingly performed artificially! Kidney failure treatment by either dialysis or kidney transplant surgery is very expensive costing millions of naira.  Oftentimes, the poor persons unable to afford the cost resort to appealing for funds from the public. Other times, it becomes sensational news when a celebrity is afflicted by the deadly disease as it spares neither the poor nor the rich.

Incidentally, sleep has a strong connection to kidney disease. In short, countless reports and studies suggest people with inadequate sleep will develop more kidney problems. In patients already suffering from kidney disease, it is believed that poor-quality sleep can worsen the condition a lot faster. Fundamentally, you need sleep which is a period of repair and restoration for all body components, to help your kidneys repair, restore and function correctly.

The kidney function is also regulated by the sleep-wake cycle. Following a regular sleeping pattern can help coordinate the kidney’s workload across a full day. Consequently, if your sleep is disrupted, the kidneys are unable to work at peak efficiency because the workload is not proportionately distributed. 

Don’t forget that sleep disruption is associated with diseases like hypertension and diabetes, all of which cause kidney diseases. Furthermore, the use of sleep pills for poor sleep can cause kidney diseases.

These facts offer us hope, that improved sleep through good sleep habits can impact the development of kidney diseases. 

Let us remember that when you sleep, where you sleep and how you sleep affects your mental health, physical well-being and living a healthy life. We all need quality sleep to be set for productivity in our endeavours.

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