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Vita Haven

‎₦38,929.40 Ex Tax: ‎₦38,929.40

Made with high polyester content fabrics which keep you warm especially in cold weather, giving you good hug and contouring. Designed to help you slip into softness, each and every nightBenefits⦁ Hypo allergic⦁ Keeps you warm in cold weather⦁ Fit for a maximum weight of up to 100kg..

Vita Supreme

‎₦48,726.81 Ex Tax: ‎₦48,726.81

Vita Supreme is a Not too hard, not too soft - just right mattress for you. Designed with high-density foam to ensure it provides optimal support and comfort as you sleep. Benefits⦁ Fit for a maximum weight of up to 100kg⦁ Support for proper spine alignment⦁ Eco friendly⦁ Has an excellent thermal insulation..

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