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 Vita Baby Chair

‎₦6,404.37 Ex Tax: ‎₦6,404.37

 Vita Baby Chair..

100% Cotton Bed Sheet Fitted

‎₦4,575.56 Ex Tax: ‎₦4,575.56


100% Cotton Bed Sheet No Fitted

‎₦3,252.20 Ex Tax: ‎₦3,252.20


80% Cotton Bed Sheet Fitted

‎₦3,472.86 Ex Tax: ‎₦3,472.86


80% Cotton Bed Sheet No Fitted

‎₦2,185.60 Ex Tax: ‎₦2,185.60


Big Gel Pillow

‎₦7,305.38 Ex Tax: ‎₦7,305.38


Combo Nest Of Stool

‎₦90,046.69 Ex Tax: ‎₦90,046.69


Complete Duvet Set (100% Cotton) No Fitted

‎₦11,196.88 Ex Tax: ‎₦11,196.88


Deluxe Sofa Set

‎₦514,964.40 Ex Tax: ‎₦514,964.40


Roundhead Side Table

‎₦32,416.81 Ex Tax: ‎₦32,416.81


Vita Flamingo Pillow

‎₦2,968.35 Ex Tax: ‎₦2,968.35


Vita Pearl Pillow

‎₦19,250.00 Ex Tax: ‎₦19,250.00

Vita Pearl Premium Comfort Pillow. This is a visco-elastic pillow that has spikes which allows airflow, unlike polyurethane it rise back to its original shape after being compressed in 60 seconds.Vita pearl is soft tender and caresses the body it keeps your head and neck cool and dry, reducing pressure point around the neck area. It is also smooth and makes sleep more pleasurable.Vita pearl comes ..

Vita Spring Firm

‎₦66,430.33 Ex Tax: ‎₦66,430.33

Vita Spring Firm..

Vita Spring Flex

‎₦35,498.15 Ex Tax: ‎₦35,498.15



‎₦5,930.54 Ex Tax: ‎₦5,930.54

Relief for Neck Pain Sufferers This unique multi-functional luxury latex pillow is contour-shaped to cradle the neck and head, which keeps your spine perfectly aligned. It has a unique air exchange system that helps prevent the pillow from trapping heat and is springy and firm to touch. It comes with a removable, washable and easy to carry box. The pillow is designed to accomodate stomach, side o..


‎₦7,961.33 Ex Tax: ‎₦7,961.33


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