Orthopaedic (All Weight Types)

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 Vita Galaxy (Classic Mattress)

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This is a semi-orthopaedic mattress (80% hard mattress).  An ideal product for comfort and firmness to meet semi-orthopaedic needs, thereby lifting stress from the pressure points and offers correct support. Suitable for aged persons and adults who prefer hard mattresses for orthopaedic reasons.Benefits⦁ People who have back pains and want maximum support, with some soft feel.⦁ Helps imp..

 Vita Galaxy (Orthopaedic Mattress)

‎₦74,403.64 Ex Tax: ‎₦74,403.64

High-density mattress designed for individuals who prefer firmer support to help lift pressure points off bones and muscles, consequently giving a unique surface to healthy sleep. Has a solid feel, rather than soft – 100% hard. Design to address orthopedic needs. Benefits⦁ Recommended by Orthopaedic physician for people who have regular back challenges and want maximum back support⦁ Support f..

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