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 Vita Galaxy (Classic Mattress)

‎₦55,815.92 Ex Tax: ‎₦55,815.92

This is a semi-orthopaedic mattress (80% hard mattress).  An ideal product for comfort and firmness to meet semi-orthopaedic needs, thereby lifting stress from the pressure points and offers correct support. Suitable for aged persons and adults who prefer hard mattresses for orthopaedic reasons.Benefits⦁ People who have back pains and want maximum support, with some soft feel.⦁ Helps imp..

 Vita Galaxy (Orthopaedic Mattress)

‎₦67,639.67 Ex Tax: ‎₦67,639.67

High-density mattress designed for individuals who prefer firmer support to help lift pressure points off bones and muscles, consequently giving a unique surface to healthy sleep. Has a solid feel, rather than soft – 100% hard. Design to address orthopedic needs. Benefits⦁ Recommended by Orthopaedic physician for people who have regular back challenges and want maximum back support⦁ Support f..

 Vita Sizzler

‎₦103,977.40 Ex Tax: ‎₦103,977.40

 Vita Sizzler..

 Vita Standard Hospital Mattress

‎₦43,780.87 Ex Tax: ‎₦43,780.87

It's high density reconstituted foam encased in pvc leather, double covered for durability and hygiene purposes with high thermal insulation  to keep the body warm. Easy to clean and does not retain stain...

Vita Corona

‎₦10,740.49 Ex Tax: ‎₦10,740.49

Medium-density mattress covered in attractive non-quilted and tape edged textiles. Ensures a good fit for your body and pocketBenefit⦁ Fit for a young and middle-aged person with a maximum weight of up to 80kg⦁ Available in sizes between 7ft-3ft by 6ft. Special sizes are available on request...

Vita Grand

‎₦30,436.78 Ex Tax: ‎₦30,436.78

Medium-density mattress covered in attractive quilted damask fabric and tape edged with damask textile to enhance the firmness of the border. Benefits⦁ A good fit for your body and pocket⦁ Fit for maximum weight of up to 80kg⦁ Ideal for homes and guest houses. ..

Vita Haven

‎₦35,390.36 Ex Tax: ‎₦35,390.36

Made with high polyester content fabrics which keep you warm especially in cold weather, giving you good hug and contouring. Designed to help you slip into softness, each and every nightBenefits⦁ Hypo allergic⦁ Keeps you warm in cold weather⦁ Fit for a maximum weight of up to 100kg..

Vita Shine

‎₦8,229.53 Ex Tax: ‎₦8,229.53

Non-quilted textile and tape edged mattress, the top choice for school, youngsters and kids room. Benefits⦁ For lightweight and average-weight sleepers⦁ Hypo allergic⦁ Fit for a maximum weight of up to 50kg..

Vita Supreme

‎₦43,506.07 Ex Tax: ‎₦43,506.07

Vita Supreme is a Not too hard, not too soft - just right mattress for you. Designed with high-density foam to ensure it provides optimal support and comfort as you sleep. Benefits⦁ Fit for a maximum weight of up to 100kg⦁ Support for proper spine alignment⦁ Eco friendly⦁ Has an excellent thermal insulation..

Vita Twill Double Mattress

‎₦116,974.15 Ex Tax: ‎₦116,974.15

Multi-layered mattress intended to help you experience enhanced comfort on both sides, however you like it, hard or soft, made to satisfy the desire of varying level of firmness, without investing in multiple mattresses. Benefits⦁ Flippable with 2 different firmness levels to help you discover the type of support and pressure relief that suits your body⦁ One side provides orthopedic support a..

Vita Twill Single

‎₦112,929.12 Ex Tax: ‎₦112,929.12

Vita Twill Single..

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