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 Delux Sofa

‎₦100,048.36 Ex Tax: ‎₦100,048.36

 Delux Sofa..

 Vita Phoenix Bed

‎₦85,269.31 Ex Tax: ‎₦85,269.31

Bring a mid-century style to your bedroom with this unique Phoenix bed. Made from high-quality mahogany wood and plywood. The phoenix Bed is a classic, evergreen, always in vogue...

 Vita Sofa Bed

‎₦55,152.10 Ex Tax: ‎₦55,152.10

 Vita Sofa Bed..

 Vita Standard Hospital Mattress

‎₦34,122.76 Ex Tax: ‎₦34,122.76

It's high density reconstituted foam encased in pvc leather, double covered for durability and hygiene purposes with high thermal insulation  to keep the body warm. Easy to clean and does not retain stain...

Acada Combined Balloon Double

‎₦69,040.37 Ex Tax: ‎₦69,040.37


Acada Laminate Combined Single

‎₦26,581.97 Ex Tax: ‎₦26,581.97


Cadet Bunk Bed

‎₦74,503.98 Ex Tax: ‎₦74,503.98

Cadet Bunk Bed ..

Club Chair

‎₦66,269.23 Ex Tax: ‎₦66,269.23

This sofa is exceptionally comfortable and poses as a stylish seating option which provides optimal support for your body while maintaining the sofa look..

Combo Nest Of Stool

‎₦85,262.56 Ex Tax: ‎₦85,262.56


Deluxe Sofa Set

‎₦506,195.13 Ex Tax: ‎₦506,195.13

Delux Sofa is a 7 seater made of High-grade African Hardwood and Polyester Fabric. It is durable and easy to clean with plush cushions that ensure lasting comfort...

Elegant Dinning

‎₦363,897.53 Ex Tax: ‎₦363,897.53

Elegant Dinning ..

Hospital Bedside Cabinet

‎₦46,995.11 Ex Tax: ‎₦46,995.11

The bedside cabinet features a stackable storage unit. It has a coverage door enclosing 2 storage layers with an interchangeable lock and a drawer at the top...

Hospital Drip Stand

‎₦25,068.08 Ex Tax: ‎₦25,068.08

Hospital Drip Stand..

Hospital Overheard Table

‎₦39,998.46 Ex Tax: ‎₦39,998.46

The overhead table is a means of safeguard that prevents accidental fall-offs and provides adequate support needed to the patient...

Library Table

‎₦104,117.21 Ex Tax: ‎₦104,117.21


Office Desk

‎₦56,323.90 Ex Tax: ‎₦56,323.90

Office Desk..

Roundhead Side Table

‎₦29,504.43 Ex Tax: ‎₦29,504.43


Spider Global Chair

‎₦26,915.01 Ex Tax: ‎₦26,915.01


Storage Wooden Bunk Bed

‎₦249,044.19 Ex Tax: ‎₦249,044.19

Made from high quality treated wood, Storage Wooden Bunk Bed is beautifully designed with your kids in mind. Suitable for conserving space with enough storage for your children’s stuff..

Trio Sleeper Bunk Bed

‎₦155,400.48 Ex Tax: ‎₦155,400.48

Trio sleeper is beautifully designed with your kids in mind. Suitable for conserving space. Can sleep 3 kids conveniently. Dimensions: The upper bunk is 3 x 6The lower bunk  is 4.5 x 6Material: Metal frame ..

Tubular Bunk Bed

‎₦59,912.35 Ex Tax: ‎₦59,912.35

Tubular Bunk Bed..

Unique Hospital Bed

‎₦88,638.01 Ex Tax: ‎₦88,638.01

Unique Hospital Bed..

Vita Couch

‎₦41,628.83 Ex Tax: ‎₦41,628.83

Vita Couch..

Vita Divan Set (Quilted Head Board)

‎₦235,844.46 Ex Tax: ‎₦235,844.46

Quilted head board: its mattress, base and board covered with the same quilted and finely designed textile. It gives excellent performance in bedding application, unparallel support and excellent durability. It is 20% lighters and 20% firmer...

Vita Divan Set (Wooden Head Board)

‎₦267,367.01 Ex Tax: ‎₦267,367.01


Vita Solid Rest Chair

‎₦52,930.64 Ex Tax: ‎₦52,930.64

They are made of high quality foam and fabrics. All foam without wood providing value for customers and satisfying peculiar needs of customers. It is very durable.its with arm rest..

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