For Couples Only: 4 Reasons You Need a Bigger Bed

It is said that on the average, humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping, or attempting to do so. Bearing that in mind, you’ll agree that a comfortable bed is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. 

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Here’s How Lack of Sleep Can Negatively Affect Your Relationships

The effect of sleep in our lives go beyond the impact on our health and well-being to actually affecting our relationships with people!

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Here’s How to Maximise Your Sleep for Beautiful Skin

Sleep is not just a time of rest for your body, but for the skin, it is also a period of cell rejuvenation and repair. Sleep helps the skin recover from exposure to sunlight and UV rays, air pollution, etc. 

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How To Get Better Sleep During Those Really Hot Nights

Getting some rest when the weather is really hot can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t own an air conditioner. The heat makes us uncomfortable, affecting our ability to easily fall asleep, and sleep restfully throughout the night.

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Should You Use a Hard Mattress?

Many people hold on to the erroneous belief that soft mattresses are fake, while hard mattresses are the original versions. This could not be further from the truth, as mattresses range up and down the softness – hardness spectrum for different comfort levels, from the really soft, to the orthopaedic mattress.

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How To Choose The Right Mattress

Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself when you’re selecting a new mattress to buy.

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Simple Ways to Care for Your Mattress

Don’t be one of those people who just leave their mattress in the bed frame, and only touch it to sleep or change the sheets. Here’s how you should be caring for your trusty mattress.

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Food and Sleep: How What You Eat Affects How You Sleep

It’s really important to watch our diets because eating certain foods in the hours leading to bedtime can give you a restless night. 

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This Is Why Your Back Is Always Aching

Backaches. Older people tend to experience joint pain and backaches, but these days, backaches have become an increasingly popular complaint amongst millennials as well. Read more
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