Simple Ways to Care for Your Mattress

Simple Ways to Care for Your Mattress

Congratulations! You finally figured out the right mattress to buy. Ideally, your mattress should last for about 8 – 10 years if you take care of it as you should.

Don’t be one of those people who just leave their mattress in the bed frame, and only touch it to sleep or change the sheets. Here’s how you should be caring for your trusty mattress.

1.     Use a sturdy bed frame.

Although, some people prefer to lay their mattresses on the floor, we usually would advise that the mattress be placed on a bed frame. This helps the mattress to receive proper air flow to help extend its life cycle.

You must also ensure the bed frame is sturdy enough to support the mattress to prevent it from sagging in the middle over time.

2.     Use a mattress protector.

Don't think you need a mattress protector? Think again! Using a mattress protector keeps your mattress looking and feeling newer for a longer period. It also helps to protect your mattress by liquids like water, blood, sweat, and urine from seeping into your mattress. It also prevents dust mites and bugs from infesting your mattress.

Don’t forget to wash it often!

3.     Avoid eating in bed.

Eating in bed may seem convenient, but it is damaging to your sleep health and your mattress. In addition to interfering with your chances of getting a quality sleep, eating in bed makes your mattress a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria as a result of food spills, and is also an open invitation for insects to infest your mattress to feed on the crumbs left behind. This would result in an increase in mattress maintenance and possibly a quicker replacement altogether. 

4.     Flip and rotate it.

About once a month, you should rotate your mattress, and then flip it over, so as to ensure the pressure of your body weight is evenly distributed across the mattress. This helps the mattress last longer.

5.     Move the mattress carefully.

If you’re not careful, a lot of things will get damaged as you move from one house to another, and your mattress is not an exception. Find a way to wrap your mattress in a polythene bag to protect it from tearing, or from the dust generated during the move.

6.     Don’t jump on your bed

Jumping on your bed really does look like fun, doesn’t it? You really shouldn’t jump on your mattress though. It puts you in danger of a nasty fall, and it can also damage your mattress and bed.

What’s your own special method of taking care of your mattress?