This Is Why Your Back Is Always Aching

This Is Why Your Back Is Always Aching

Backaches. Older people tend to experience joint pain and backaches, but these days, backaches have become an increasingly popular complaint amongst millennials as well.

Here are 5 reasons you might be experiencing backaches:

1.     Constantly carrying heavy bags

What do you find when you look into your bag? A lot of people carry heavy bags to and from work and when they don’t have to. Constantly carrying heavy bags around can affect your walking posture, which can in turn take a toll on your spine in the long run.


Take an honest audit of your everyday bag. Do you really need to take all of those stuff with you as you go out?

2.     Pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. The additional weight of the baby places pressure on nerves in the woman’s back, which causes back pain. The new weight of pregnancy also causes a gradual posture change that can also result in back pain.


Engage in light exercises like taking walks. You should also try out the Vitafoam range of maternity pillows. The pillows are uniquely designed for the body of a pregnant woman, and offer support to her back when she is sleeping, or sitting.

3.     Sitting for too long

Continuously sitting for long stretches can result in back pain. There’s no going around it. If you work in a formal environment, you probably will have to sit down for several hours in a stretch. Back pain can be aggravated if you have to spend hours sitting in the wrong chair.


Try to stand or walk around your workspace for about 10 minutes every hour. You can also adjust your desk so you do not have to tilt your neck up at your computer screen, or slouch over it.

Using a Vitafoam Back Support pillow can also help you maintain proper posture while you sit, and reduce the likelihood of backache.


4.     Previous injuries or an undiagnosed condition

Some cases of chronic back pain might be the result of a previous injury, or a back condition that has not been diagnosed yet.


If you constantly experience severe back pains without any relief, you should see a doctor, preferably a chiropractor.



5.     Sleeping on the wrong bed

Most people don’t realize this, but sleeping on the wrong bed can cause backaches and general body pain. If your mattress is too hard, it can push your pressure points; when too soft, it can negatively affect your posture as you sleep. If you already have a back/neck ache, sleeping with the wrong kind of pillows can make it worse.


Sleep with a pillow between your knees to ensure your spine is properly aligned as you sleep. You should also ensure you are sleeping on the right kind of mattress and using the right pillows. Explore some great options here.

In a lot of cases, back aches are caused by bad posture while sitting, standing, walking, or even sleeping. Be mindful of your posture and take care of your spine.