Impact of Technology on your Child's Sleep

Impact of Technology on your Child's Sleep

Technology has totally changed practically every part of our society in the course of recent decades, from the manner at which we work to the way we mingle and socialize. One of the differences that have been most recognizable is the adjustment in the manner that kids play and communicate with one another from past ages. In spite of the fact that technology provides numerous positive advantages for learning, it also can have a few negative consequences on child development and well-being.

Research has shown screens from devices such as tablets and smart phones emit harmful blue light that can cause headaches, eye strain and irritated eyes for children. In addition to that, sleep is disturbed by harmful blue light when kids are exposed to long screen time at night because of the suppression of the melatonin production which controls their sleep/wake cycle. This makes it progressively difficult for a kid's body to effectively get ready for a healthy night rest 

Sleep disorders negatively affects how children functions including school performance, mood regulation and general well-being.
Here are some signs that shows a child is facing healthy sleep deprivation:

1. Mood swings

2. Drowsiness during the day

3. Difficulty falling asleep, and shorter sleep.

4. Trouble concentrating (sometimes poor academic performance)

5. Sleeping very late on weekends

6. Hyper activeness

7. Sometimes aggressive

While we all agree that technology provides tons of positive opportunities for learning, entertaining, and socializing, it should be monitored and utilized suitably. Here are a few hints to help curb these issues and encourage responsible technology use with your children:

1. Rather than disallowing total use of technology, set daily limits for how long they can use their gadgets. Then ensure all devices are put away an hour before bedtime

2. Some kids will fight on these rules – as this is expected (they never go down without a fight). You can proceed to educate them on the negative effects of not following the rules, what damage inadequate sleep can cause – this will help them understand why it’s important.

3. You can create a routine and encourage them to use this technique (See here). Trust me, they will be comfortable making these plan as part of their daily sleeping routine.

Parents and guardians need to understand the effects of the poor sleep on every kid’s behavior and pay more attention to their sleeping pattern, ensure they go to bed early so as to improve and promote sleep quality.