Vitafoam "Sleep Challenge" for Kids

Vitafoam "Sleep Challenge" for Kids

Because of the innovation period we find ourselves currently, gazing at the TV, playing PC games and using a phone or tablet during rest times are animating exercises that keeps children’s minds working overtime. A good night's rest is crucial for children’s' sound development and healthy growth
Healthy sleep is a major priority for kids especially when it’s at the right time.

In as much as children are the cuddly treasures who make the world of their parents go round, an overtired child is likely to play pretty much a very opposite role, if not cautioned.

Every parent/guardian can testify that an overtired child is a hyperactive child and such children are simply not for the fainthearted. Don’t believe me? Study your child or ward for the next two – three days, that’s if you don’t know this already.

Once it’s bedtime like this – ghen ghen, they would start running around and fighting sleep with all their might as poor parents/guardian struggle to keep their sanity. Sigh!

In other words, sleeping less at night could potentially put kids in danger of building up a large group of medical problems later in future, from Cancer to heart diseases and psychological well-being issues.
In the midst of such night time chaos, the mistake parents/guardian make is to try to order these kids while they are still in their hyper-activeness into bed. As expected, lots of kicking and screaming follow this unwanted executive order.

Good news is, drum roll... all these tantrums will stop as the birth of the I Create club’s Sleep Challenge, which is proudly sponsored by Vitafoam Nigeria Plc is here to assist the kids into healthy sleeping

The Sleep Challenge comes with fun, interactive tools that allow the children take ownership of their bedtime routine and ultimately, recommended hours of sleep. The involvement that accompanies such ownership instills a sense of responsibility in the child. A responsibility that compels the child to want to do right by the laws of ‘Sleep Land’

So, really, what exactly does this challenge entail? It involves the children:

1. LEARNING - why sleep is non-negotiable and tips that would make bedtime easier

2. CALCULATING -  what time they ought to close their eyes for the night, using the Bedtime Calculator

3. DRAWING UP - their own personalized Bedtime Routine

4. MONITORING - their sleep pattern using the provided Sleep Diary

5. WRITING - a short story or poem about Seun, a little boy or girl who transited from ‘Cheating Sleep’ to ‘Sleeping Right’

Children who take on the challenge get a chance to become an instant winner of Ten Thousand Naira (N10, 000) over a period of two weeks, from May 18th – May 31st 2020. Yes, you read right. Every day from May 18th 2020 to May 31st 2020, entries submissions will be reviewed and daily winners of the instant cash prize will be announced.

We are sure your child/ward is up to the challenge, please send a direct message HERE or Whatsapp message HERE  for more information on how to get started.

That's not all, asides this fiscal prize, the resultant turnaround in your kid's Bedtime and sleeping habits is a significant prize worth pursuing.