How to remain productive while working from home during COVID19 pandemic

How to remain productive while working from home during COVID19 pandemic

Hey there,

It’s so good to have you here. How have you been coping in this unprecedented times? Safe I hope. Not to worry, we are all in this together and shall continue to fight COVID-19 with all we’ve got in order to have our lives back. 

The novel virus has impacted our lives in every way, from freedom of movement to the way we work. Most people struggle with working from home as this is alien to them. Parents also trying to balance work, educating their school aged kids and manage the home simultaneously – Sigh! Such a daunting task.

We thought it would be helpful to share tips on how to stay productive and motivate your creativity while you work from home.

How’s your work environment

People’s home situation differs and we are not suggesting you invest in tons of furniture to create a full office because of this temporary situation (definitely COVID-19 is not here to stay).

Segregating your living space from work by having a dedicated space to work can cut down on the temptation and stress on your back. It will also deliver the message to anyone you are spending the #StayAtHomeRule with, that you should not be disturbed. 

Are you disciplined

Lots of temptation from all areas (from binge watching on Netflix, sleeping, making Tiktok videos during working hours) will cloud you whilst working from home as we definitely have no supervisor monitoring or looking over your shoulders, but you can be your own supervisor. If your phone features allows it, set a duration when these social Apps can come on and if not, disable them while you work. Don’t give in to these distractions nor let that creativity in you die down.

Do you have schedule?

In order to avoid temptations and to make sure you are doing your work religiously, you can create a schedule/timetable to set your work structure in place. You can also use scheduling apps, project management tools also to monitor your deliverable and deadlines. Time is of great essence, you want to avoid mounting pressure on yourself and at the same maintain your level of concentration. Break each activities down into bits and pieces if necessary, so it’s becomes easy for you to track

If possible use alarms to remind yourself of each schedule

How about your kids

It is understandable that homeschooling your school aged children at home while you work can be overwhelming. You can also create a timetable and set each activities using a schedule app or draw out a timetable on a cardboard and place it in a very prominent spot in the house

You could also create a mini workstation for them, so they don’t get distracted with Tv when they are meant to be studying. 

As much as these tasks can be daunting for parents, these challenges also provided an opportunity to connect with family and still get your work done. What we like to call “Silver Lining”

Remember, You have got this!