Should You Use a Hard Mattress?

Should You Use a Hard Mattress?

The mattresses we lay on are a huge part of our lives. We spend several hours in them, after all, and the level of comfort they offer can affect our sleep, which in turn can affect our productivity, mood, and even our health in the long run.

Many people hold on to the erroneous belief that soft mattresses are fake, while hard mattresses are the original versions. This could not be further from the truth, as mattresses range up and down the softness – hardness spectrum for different comfort levels, from the really soft, to the orthopaedic mattress.

Wondering if you should buy a hard mattress? Perhaps this will help.

Benefits of Using a Hard Mattress

·         Firmer mattresses improve circulation and have less stress on the muscles

·         The support of a hard mattress means that your body weight is evenly distributed, and that your body does not sink in one direction, causing body aches.

·         Firm mattresses offer a firm surface suitable for people who sleep on their back and stomach.

·         Firm mattresses help you sleep in a properly aligned position

·         They limit motion transfer.


While a firm mattresses offers all sorts of benefits, a sudden change from using a soft mattress to using a hard one can be uncomfortable, especially in the first few days. Before choosing a hard mattress like the Vita Galaxy Orthopaedic mattress, you should be quite certain that you’re comfortable with its hardness.

However, you can use the Memory Topper over a hard mattress to enjoy a softer feel while enjoying the benefits of a hard mattress. On the other hand, the Vita Twill Double Mattress can let you flip between a firm and soft mattress, based on your preference.

Whether hard or soft, a good mattress should support your body in a relaxed position, holding your spine in its natural curve, and aligning your body perfectly. The right mattress for your weight does not put any pressure on your body, and can encourage better posture.