Here’s How to Maximise Your Sleep for Beautiful Skin

Here’s How to Maximise Your Sleep for Beautiful Skin

Did you know that the term ‘beauty sleep’ has some roots in fact? While some people spend thousands to care for their skin, sometimes all your skin needs to look its best is some quality sleep.

Sleep is not just a time of rest for your body, but for the skin, it is also a period of cell rejuvenation and repair. Sleep helps the skin recover from exposure to sunlight and UV rays, air pollution, etc.

This is what poor sleep can do to your skin:

1.       Not getting enough sleep can accelerate the aging process

A study connects insufficient sleep with reduced skin health, and accelerated skin aging.  During the deep phases of sleep, damaged cells are repaired, so not having enough sleep means that the skin has less time to repair those damaged cells. The research also showed that people who didn’t get enough sleep were more prone to signs of skin aging like fine lines, uneven pigmentation and a reduced skin elasticity.

2.       Too little sleep can make skin conditions worse

 Lack of sleep can reduce the moisture level in your skin, making it dry and more likely to experience breakouts, or even make existing skin conditions worse.

3.       Makes you look tired

When you get less sleep than you need, you end up looking constantly tired, with eye bags, sunken eyes, etc.

4.       Affects the body’s immune system

Lack of sleep can affect the immune system, which increases the probability of falling sick more often, and also increases the probability of immune related skin diseases like eczema.

Here’s what you can do to ensure you sleep well and for your skin to get the benefits of good sleep:

1.       Prioritize sleep and ensure you get the recommended minimum of 7 hours of sleep daily.

2.       Wash your face and apply skin care products before bed.

3.       Avoid intake of alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals before going to bed.

4.       Keep your head elevated with an extra pillow at night. This can help to reduce puffy eyes.

5.       Ensure your mattress is comfortable enough to induce sleep with a minimum of tossing and turning.

Getting enough sleep makes you look and feel healthier, happier, and less stressed.