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Quality sleep is naturally vital to our physical and mental well-being towards a healthy and productive life. Following our information-sharing on matters concerning it, we engage in questions-and-answers series with you, our audience. We thank you immensely for your participation in this interactive aspect of our publication. Here is an extract from the series for widespread benefit.

Dear Doctor, 

I often read that sleep keeps us refreshed and energized. Many times when I woke up from sleep especially if I sleep in the afternoon I feel weak and unable to get up from the bed to do my things. Sir, what are the causes of the weakness after my sleep? How do I solve the problem?

M. O.

Dear M. O.

My guy, you are not alone in this particular challenge. Just as I have heard different people report similar observations after their individual sleep, I have also experienced after my sleep a mix of undesirable feelings most commonly if I sleep during the daytime and if my sleep was cut off untimely not allowing my brain with the body to wake up on its own.

I recall such moments when my eyes opened from shut-eyes mode, and I reflexively closed them, wishing to continue the shut mode. It would look almost certain that it wasn’t long after I started the sleep that I woke up if not for the time on the clock that showed that the sleep period has long been spent. The next thing(s) to be done would be beckoning on me to get up immediately, but my body would be weak and postponing getting up. In all these, I would feel sleepy with very confused thinking leading to further delay in getting up and indecision of either to get up or to continue the sleep. Sometimes, I had undesirably fallen back asleep, only to wake up to heavy self-blame for whatever I have missed by not getting up promptly.

So, waking up tired occasionally is not usually a cause for concern. However, frequently waking up tired can be a sign of bad sleep habits or health conditions. There are several causes of tiredness upon waking which include any disruption in the quantity or quality of sleep.  Apart from the untimely waking up during the deep sleep phase of sleep without allowing the body to wake up by itself, behaviours before and during sleep, and some medical conditions can cause such tiredness after sleep.

Before sleep time, consuming some stuff can consume sleep – heavy fatty and spicy meals, stimulants like caffeine, smoking, and plenty of alcohol especially close to bedtime. On the flip side, not eating enough food or inadequate drinking water intake causing dehydration will also do the harm. Also, a lack of regular exercise denies us the chemical reactions that enhance quality sleep. And finally, an unsettled mind especially due to emotional stresses disallows restful sleep.

During sleep, its disruption starts from not going to bed and waking up around the same time every day, includes not sleeping for the recommended 7 – 9 hours in a day, and extends to sleep interruptions by noise, discomfort from bad mattress and pillow, and frequent night-time urination.

Additionally, some medical conditions cause poor sleep along with waking up with tiredness. These include low blood levels, diabetes with abnormal blood sugar, depression, anxiety, long-standing tiredness disease, etc.

Going by the outlined sources of tiredness on waking, the problem can be corrected by adopting good sleep practices which include consistent sleep and wake times by keeping to the same sleep and wake times each day, where possible, doing regular exercises, eating just enough healthy fibre-rich diet and taking enough drinking water frequently but not close to bedtime, allocating sleep period that will allow 7 -9 hours of sleep, and sleeping on a comfortable quality mattress and pillow in a calming place that is cool, quiet, smelling nice with a cool temperature. You would also not forget to sort out the mental stresses for a good mood that supports good sleep.

And if the problem persists after adopting the above measures for say three days, see a doctor to check for possible causes as medical conditions and get them treated appropriately. 

Yours in service,

Dr Charles

Let us remember that when you sleep, where you sleep and how you sleep affect your mental health, physical well-being and living a healthy life. We all need quality sleep to be set for productivity in our endeavours.

Do you need further information on the above subject? Are you looking for ways to maintain quality sleep for general well-being and healthy living? Remember, a doctor is an appropriate person to offer relevant advice for the maintenance of quality sleep and solution to sleep difficulties. Do you want to contact the Orthopaedic Sleep Consultant, Dr Charles Uzodimma, kindly send your request to OR Whatsapp 08129982143.

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