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 Vita Galaxy (Orthopaedic Mattress)

‎₦49,581.15 Ex Tax: ‎₦49,581.15

It's a high density mattress made of chip foam covered with high quality finely designed quilted textile to prove durability, comfort and firmness to meet orthopeadic needs. Ideal for adult from 30 years onwards...

 Vita Sizzler

‎₦89,975.04 Ex Tax: ‎₦89,975.04

 Vita Sizzler..

 Vita Standard Hospital Mattress

‎₦33,329.21 Ex Tax: ‎₦33,329.21

It's high density reconstituted foam encased in pvc leather, double covered for durability and hygiene purposes with high thermal insulation  to keep the body warm. Easy to clean and does not retain stain...

Vita Corona

‎₦8,093.53 Ex Tax: ‎₦8,093.53

It’s a quality mattress of  medium density foam textile  with non quilted for young and middle- aged persons with body weight under 80kg. Available in sizes between 7ft-3ft by 6ft. Other special sizes can be made. The thickness is between 6-20,3,4 inches...

Vita Grand

‎₦22,935.74 Ex Tax: ‎₦22,935.74

It’s a quality mattress with medium density foam covered with attractive quilted damask textile cover. Quilted cover provides additional protection both to the foam and textile. Ideal for homes and guest house.   For body weight under 80kg.  The thickness is between 6-20,3,4 inches. Available in sizes between 7ft-3ft by 6ft...

Vita Haven

‎₦28,486.98 Ex Tax: ‎₦28,486.98

Vita Haven..

Vita Shine

‎₦7,101.52 Ex Tax: ‎₦7,101.52

Vita Shine..

Vita Spring Firm

‎₦66,430.33 Ex Tax: ‎₦66,430.33

Vita Spring Firm..

Vita Spring Flex

‎₦30,601.86 Ex Tax: ‎₦30,601.86


Vita Supreme

‎₦34,028.48 Ex Tax: ‎₦34,028.48

Vita Supreme..

Vita Twill Double Mattress

‎₦103,187.02 Ex Tax: ‎₦103,187.02

Vita Twill Double Mattress..

Vita Twill Single

‎₦99,618.75 Ex Tax: ‎₦99,618.75

Vita Twill Single..

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