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 Delux Sofa

‎₦514,964.40 Ex Tax: ‎₦514,964.40

 Delux Sofa..

 Vita Baby Chair

‎₦6,404.37 Ex Tax: ‎₦6,404.37

 Vita Baby Chair..

 Vita Baby Cot Mattress

‎₦4,426.66 Ex Tax: ‎₦4,426.66


 Vita Galaxy (Classic Mattress)

‎₦45,149.38 Ex Tax: ‎₦45,149.38

An ideal product for comfort and firmness to meet semi-orthopaedic needs.Suitable for aged persons and adults who prefer hard mattresses for orthopaedic reasons.Ideal for all weight ranges. (not suitable for children and infants)...

 Vita Galaxy (Orthopaedic Mattress)

‎₦50,572.78 Ex Tax: ‎₦50,572.78

It's a high density mattress made of chip foam covered with high quality finely designed quilted textile to prove durability, comfort and firmness to meet orthopeadic needs. Ideal for adult from 30 years onwards...

 Vita Memory Topper

‎₦25,963.42 Ex Tax: ‎₦25,963.42

 Vita Memory Topper..

 Vita Pama Pillow

‎₦3,914.34 Ex Tax: ‎₦3,914.34

Made of high density siliconised fibre. Siliconised fibre prevents collapse over long use. The soft fibre provides excellent comfort and air flow through the fibre provides additional ventilation which is therapeutic to sleeping disorders.cotton cover. Very durable and ideal for home and hotel use...

 Vita Phoenix Bed

‎₦113,651.19 Ex Tax: ‎₦113,651.19

 Vita Phoenix Bed..

 Vita Sizzler

‎₦89,975.04 Ex Tax: ‎₦89,975.04

 Vita Sizzler..

 Vita Sofa Bed

‎₦53,869.50 Ex Tax: ‎₦53,869.50

 Vita Sofa Bed..

 Vita Solid

‎₦28,843.75 Ex Tax: ‎₦28,843.75

They are made of high quality foam and fabrics. All foam without wood providing value for customers and satisfying peculiar needs of customers. It is very durable.its without arm rest..

100% Cotton Bed Sheet Fitted

‎₦4,575.56 Ex Tax: ‎₦4,575.56


100% Cotton Bed Sheet No Fitted

‎₦3,252.20 Ex Tax: ‎₦3,252.20


80% Cotton Bed Sheet Fitted

‎₦3,472.86 Ex Tax: ‎₦3,472.86


80% Cotton Bed Sheet No Fitted

‎₦2,185.60 Ex Tax: ‎₦2,185.60


Acada Combined Balloon Double

‎₦77,260.06 Ex Tax: ‎₦77,260.06


Acada Laminate Combined Single

‎₦33,878.36 Ex Tax: ‎₦33,878.36



‎₦1,571.96 Ex Tax: ‎₦1,571.96


Baby Bedsheet

‎₦2,363.56 Ex Tax: ‎₦2,363.56

Baby Bed-sheet. No pillow-case (fitted & flat)..

Baby Comfy

‎₦9,247.28 Ex Tax: ‎₦9,247.28

Complete baby comfy (bumper, duvet, and bedsheet)..

Baby Complete Duvet Set

‎₦9,247.00 Ex Tax: ‎₦9,247.00

Baby Complete Duvet Set..